The theoretical underpinning of my work stems from my training in Open Media at RISD. We live in a day and age were media is increasingly open and affects our every moment. Whether we are considering notions of surveillance capitalism or digital creative production in the blooming world of crypto fine art, there are a myriad of angles from which to perceive the present moment of art and design. 
As a lifelong artist my main objective is to maintain a thread of creativity that spans many, many years and over two decades. The practice involved in making visual, auditory and video art is ongoing and ever increasing in interest to me as a creative. I live to generate art of visual and auditory nature, with the ultimate vision of blending audio visual experience into the seamless medium of video. I am as comfortable drawing as I am singing, writing, animating, photographing, storyboarding, speaking, editing and dancing. I am an Artist who's primary motivation is to learn as many mediums as possible to create a system of symbiosis within my parallel creative processes.
The portfolio presented in this website is a memoir, an archive, a collection of work both independent and professional. My own art practice is the foundation of all the design collaborations I've had the privilege of partaking in. I am constantly refining my skills outside and inside professional media contexts. This chapter going forward is one that hopefully includes a re-immersion in corporate design contexts where I will be able to add my angle to the equation of creative collaborative processes. 
The romanticized notion of the Artist as an anomaly is one that defines the trajectory of my processes. I have always held on to the belief that practice makes perfect. I also am convinced that multitasking in slow motion is an effective way of constantly learning new techniques and skills that allow for more enticingly new genres of audio, visual and video work.
The assemblage of art and design work is formatted in a way to allow writing to structure the intention behind each category of work. Showing the scope of products I have crafted over the course of my Art practice.